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The hierarchy-of-effects theory

The hierarchy-of-effects model was created by Robert J. Lavidge and Gary A. Steiner in their 1961 article A Model for Predictive Measurements of Advertising Effectiveness.The hierarchy-of-effects theory is a model of how advertising influences a consumer's decision to purchase or not purchase a product or service. The hierarchy represents the progression of learning and decision-making a consumer experiences as a result of advertising.

AIDA Model

The AIDA model is one of the longest serving models used in advertising, having been developed in the late nineteenth century. Since its first appearance in the marketing and advertising literature, the model has been modified and expanded to account for the advent of new advertising media and communications platforms.

The Best Advertising Agencies

An advertising agency can help your customer become familiar with your products in the best way possible. To reach acceptable effectiveness, our actions must be based on a sound plan. Purposeful campaigns are able to help us achieve desired outcomes through the right path.