What Should We Do on Total Lockdown?

It could be one of the worst nightmares to think of staying home for a long time without being allowed to leave our houses. These days, with the uncontrollable pandemic of Covid-19, most people have to go under an emergency lockdown at their residential places. So what can we do at home during this period? Here, we are going to introduce some online platforms whose courses are free during the pandemic, or their services are totally free. Most of these platforms come in desktop, web, Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile applications.

1. Coursera

It is one of the most significant and pioneers of online education in the world. With thousands of courses and topics from high-profile educational institutions in the world, the platform endorses variety and quality all together. Machine learning, big data analysis, and marketing are only a small number of topics. Auditing almost all courses are free; however, if someone needs the official certificate, he/she must pay a small fee to get the certification.

2. edX

The center is operating very similar to Coursera, but not with that variety. We should be aware that some specialized courses are on offer for a short time. Therefore, it is a good idea to start our favorite topics, as they might be available for a few days.

What Should We Do on Total Lockdown?

3. Codecademy

It is an academy, headquartered in India, offering lessons in all programming languages and topics. All lessons are designed as easy-to-follow stories, and you walk through each step as a character of a story and try to do an exciting project. The services are not free, but you can get a 7-day free trial by registering each email address. If you are worried about not having any programming background, we can assure you that the courses are engineered for anyone, no matter what their skill levels are. Machine learning, deep learning, big data analysis are only tiny courses for interested people.

4. Guvi

Guvi is another Indian online educational center in programming training. All the courses are free for Android gadget owners during the Covid-19 pandemic. What you only need to do is to enter “Covid-19” in the license code so that you can utilize the course free of charge.

5. eJoy English

If you have ever tried learning English, one of your wishes could be a program that provides music or videos whose contents are in line with your proficiency level. The excellent news is eJoy English has made your dream come true. The functions are so many that you should spend an hour discovering the app features. What makes this app stand out from the crowd is the feature that lets people choose their favorite topics, and the contents are compatible with that person’s taste.

6. Moz Academy

The academy is targeting SEO job-seekers or experts. The company has made all the courses for free. What is more exciting is that you do not even need any kind of credit or debit card information to submit. There are a few simple steps to use the courses. First, choose your favorite video lessons and press the Purchase button. Then, on the payment page, put in “wegotthis” in the promo code slot—finally, the price changes to 0 $.

7. Freecodecamp

You can find over 2000 hours of online video lessons from well-known universities like Harvard and Princeton. The topics range from statistics to cryptocurrencies and business. The lessons are all free during the pandemic.

8. Duolingo

Are you thinking of an application to cover four skills of all languages? Your answer is Duolingo. The units are in small chunks, and the whole application is user-friendly. Having suitable courses for popular languages like English, Chinese, French, etc., the app offers free spaces for freelancers to devise lessons for less common languages such as Persian and Pashto.

9. Photoshop Training Channel

The YouTube channel is one of the most popular educational channels. It provides graphic designers with hacks, techniques, and lessons on Adobe Photoshop.

10. Quiz Up

General knowledge quizzes are a fun way to pass the time. Quiz-up allows you to compete on any general topic with people from all over the world.

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11. Class Central

You can find an astronomical number of courses from women studies to literature.

12. Khan Academy

In this platform, the videos cover high school and university topics. The people who are about to take GRE or GMAT exams can find the maths videos quite helpful.

13. Quora

Have you ever thought of a question whose answer you could not find on Google? Quora allows you to find experts from general to specialized fields to ask your questions for free. Now is a good to start Quora blogging or ask your outstanding questions.