How to Choose Your Outdoor Media’s Location?

Billboards are significantly profitable for organizations, but business owners mistakenly avoid investing in this type of advertising due to its hefty cost. Highways and bustling streets are the best places to draw pedestrians’ attention. Typically, the winning advertisement is the one that is able to change your behavior towards a product. Change of behavior is the state that you, at least, visit the product as soon as you enter the store.

Key Factors in Choosing a Billboard’s Suitable Location

Visibility Range
Advertisements must be installed at a proper height directly exposed to the customer’s eyes. Furthermore, there should not be any blockage to the billboard’s sight. The issues discussed here decrease the effectiveness of the billboards.

Traffic Level
Billboards must be erected in a place where the street(s) are crowded. The job can be done with the aid of traffic maps.

The Importance of the District Demographics
First and foremost, we should have a correct perception of the district’s demographics, such as gender, age, income, and education. These are some of the key points of knowing your audience. For example, if you have an online clothing store for the youth, the best places to set up our billboards is the one close to universities.

Choosing Residential Audience for Local Business Advertising
If you have a local business, the best advertising is in the residential spots.

Choosing Commercial Customers If You Need a Big Audience
If the enterprise requires a large number of customers, then your business is beyond a local one.

The Billboards Must Not Be Far Away from Your Location
If your business focuses on local communities, therefore, your outdoor advertising must not be very distant from your base.

Choosing Routes with a Longer Rush Hour
The paths leading to squares and downtown areas are usually congested; as a result, drivers have to drive slowly. Because of this, they have no other options except looking around.

Paying Attention to Pedestrians’ Destinations
The best choice to select an advertising spot is the main street leading to your base. The reason is that the pedestrians usually take the first exit and go towards your place. Or if your products are sold at chain stores, the preferable point to advertise is the areas in close proximity to these stores. 

Analyzing Your Rivals
Your billboards should not be close to your rivals’ bases because the customers would probably be directed to your competitors.

Billboards Prices in Tehran
The cost of billboards is changeable due to several variables. One of the essential factors is the location of the billboard. Changes in traffic flow or civil constructions could reduce billboards prices. Hence, the prices are generally not fixed. Another crucial factor is the renting season, which affects the discount rate. The most expensive seasons are often summer and winter in Tehran.

Buying Billboards in Tehran
Tehran Beautification Organization is in charge of advertising billboards. The first thing you should do to buy a billboard is acquiring the permit. But which corporations can get the permit? The ones which are endorsed by the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Preaching can do so. Advertising agencies are ranked based on their capabilities and performance by Tehran Beautification Organization. This rating system is between 1 to 5, and the corporations which are scored 1 to 3 can acquire the permit. Eventually, advertising agencies win the billboards in a bid.

Ordering Advertising Billboards
Advertising in large cities, such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Tabriz, is an opportunity for enterprises like banks, advertising agencies, credit institutions, etc. to get their message across. Before ordering advertising billboards, you should first gain information about outdoor advertising.

 Media’s Location

The Best Places for OOH Advertising

  • Highways and streets
  • Intercity highways
  • Gas stations
  • Railways
  • Shopping centers
  • Main squares
  • Overpasses
  • Stadiums
  • High-rise buildings
  • Areas around amphitheaters
  • Areas around exhibitions
  • Areas around movie theaters

The result of selecting the best location is the increase in your audience and economic stability for your enterprise.