Expansion on Linkedin

You might have heard of Linkedin, or your enterprise may have a page on this platform like other social media platforms. If you are interested in expanding your network on Linkedin, this article suits your needs.

Common Major Mistakes:

1. This is NOT an Introduction Page

Being engrossed in their business activities, companies confuse Linkedin with an introduction page. They post daily blogs regarding their own products, services, sales, growth, etc., but forget the most crucial element of their business, which is the audience. Your audience persona is what you should look into. One might be wondering how this investigation is possible. The answer is pretty simple, social media analytics. These platforms are able to give you insightful information about the visitors on your page. You can easily find your potential customers’ interests and lifestyles with the help of these analytical tools.

2. Do NOT Post at Haphazard Intervals.

It is a deadly mistake to post at irregular time slots. But why? Linkedin algorithms are so sensitive about the consistency of your posting, meaning that if you post at regular time frames, chances are your posts land on your target group’s home. As mentioned earlier, you ought to utilize social media analytics to get as much information as possible about your customers. Having said that, we recommend finding the peak hours of your page visits to share your content at those times.

3. Forget about Sponsor-Ads.

This type of advertisement is not economical for the money you splurge on.

4. Content Quality is of High Importance.

By presenting high-quality content, you are merely signaling your customers that we do care about details. Thus, your audience comes to the perception that what you do online is equal to what your final product is like. The impression is so strong that the potential customers would simply avoid buying your products and/or services as soon as they see a low standard content.

5. Do NOT Encourage Your Staff to Like or Comment on Your Posts.

You might be surprised at this statement, but what you see is exactly what you get. If your staff does not have their own personal network on Linkedin, their participation is ultimately futile. Before encouraging your team, we highly recommend that you train your personnel to create and expand their own network on Linkedin. Consequently, you can utilize their powerful effect on social media.

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How to Increase My Followers on Linkedin?

Linkedin is the latest and largest professional social media, and professionals are opening their accounts on this platform to portray their capabilities. If you are a newcomer in this social network, and you would like to boost your follower numbers, this article matches your needs. How can I recruit my first 1000 followers? To do this, you need a few simple steps:

  • Make Your Page Public.
     Make sure to allow everybody to see your full information. People must be able to know you as much as possible at first glance.

  • Get a Follow Button for Your Page.
     Use your profile settings and change your default Connect to Follow.

  • Optimize Your Page.
     Give a sufficient amount of data to your audience. What you do, how you help users are two essential pieces of such information. Moreover, if you have other social media pages, post them on your Linkedin profile.

  • Develop High-Quality Content.
    The more the quality of your content is, the higher the number of followers is.

  • Be Patient And Steadfast. 
    Recruiting 1000 followers does not come overnight. It might be a long process that takes up to 2 months of constant content development. Develop your content patiently and precisely and share them at regular intervals. 

Finally, if you do not have any connections or followers on Linkedin, take part in the discussion groups related to your field, and reply to people’s comments and questions. By doing these, you are growing your network by creating value for your future followers.