Different Types of content:

There are 113 type of contents, here we only mention a few of them:

  • Article
    Companies should act like old publishers to launching and introducing a new product or a new service and diffuse all the data.
  • Audio
    As podcasts are disseminated widely, Audio contents are getting more common. Listening is much easier than reading.
  • Blog Post 
    This kind of contents are very long and help the audience to solve the problem by themselves.
  • Promotion 
    Special promotions are programmed and implement in marketing content creation wide-spreading.
  • Presentation 
    Webinar, conferences, meet-ups are contents that use broadly, the reason why is that they will be reposted on Instagram, Blog or website and will be used there.
  • Social Campaigns 
    It would be better not posting one single content in social media and rely on posting it on all social networks.
  • Video 
    Videos are extraordinary tools to make and diffuse the content in all networks.

  Different Types of content:

Digital Content Creation

This is a strategic marketing approach which focuses on making and distribution valuable content, related and compatible to attract and retain specific audience.
A strong digital marketing strategy is made from different components, that one of the most important ones is content creation. Content not only causes trust and makes a relation with audience but also it uses as an accelerator for other marketing techniques.

To write an appropriate digital marketing content we should pay attention to the followings:

  • Check the grammar
  • Related content to the subject
  • Free value creation in the content
  • Content drives to sales channels
  • Knowing exactly who is the target customer
  • Being sure that content will be reposted on other medias and networks
  • Being accessible and easy to share
  • Pay attention on key words and using them a lot

Content writing

As above mentioned, there are different types of contents, that each needs different writing styles.

Website Content Writing

If we look at content writing as a whole building, then the website content is like a foundation. Different pages of website: Landing, About us, Contact us,…


Blog content writing is like structure and the rooms of a building. Blogging is almost the primer category on content writing. Actually it should introduce you like a website and and tells everyone who you are and helps readers to feel your senses and readers understand that how much value you create for them through this content.

Social Media

Social medias are one of the essential tools in marketing and they play a supporter role. Without social media no company can go further, so many people look and search through social media to find brands. Social media content creation is “call to action”.
Writing is a dream job but it is not an ability that everyone has. Therefore, content creation needs being familiar with different type of writing.
Content writing is not only knowing a product/service or creating a value and it is a very controversial issue. An expert content creator must be familiar with SEO and WordPress and be an expert in social media networks.

Quality Content Creation on Instagram

In content creating we should keep in mind to engage the customer, customer engagement plays an important role on this area, and this will not happen unless a related and excellent content. High quality, related and attractive photos can increase the engagement in social media. But sometimes imaging services and digital products is impossible, in these cases we use colors, filters and very related content. If we are a special brand and we have a specific color, use the color for sure. An appropriate and accurate content calendar would be very helpful (Videos, images, stories, photos and related images…)

Try to create value either for people or for society and inspires your audience and invite them to “call to action”.


Writing content by WordPress is a process of content creation that will be used on internet, and essentially the content creator uses that for articles, blogs and websites and other internet areas. In other word a content creator on WordPress should be a researcher, a writer, an editor, a designer and a SEO export.

Principles on WordPress writing

  • Research before writing
  • Pick a subject out of knowledge
  • Having diverse writing styles
  • Trustworthy and accurate data
  • Trustworthy resources and references
  • Adding media to the writing
  • Appropriate topic for the subject
  • Being engaged on social media
  • Fill out meta data and category
  • Add and check formatting