All You Need to Know about an Ad Campaign

An ad campaign is a phrase heard on the cyberspace more often than not, but how well do you know this phrase? If you are a business owner who is looking for the best strategy to raise brand awareness and increase sales, or a newcomer in advertising, stay tuned with us up to the end of this article.

What is an Ad Campaign?

An ad campaign is a comprehensive advertising scheme, which is aimed at getting a clear message across in a fixed period via multiple media channels to the target customers. Each ad campaign consists of a clear and coherent strategy to reach a specified quantitative outcome. Quite a few entrepreneurs and business owners are under the false impression that creating an ad campaign is as easy as making commercials.
Because advertising campaigns comprise a set of goal-oriented activities, all these activities have to be regularly and precisely followed up. Doing so is not possible without a skilled, scrupulous, and experienced team. Currently, many ad campaigns are being implemented via a clear-cut strategy and in a specific context. Take viral, guerrilla, and 360-degree marketing campaigns as some common examples. You can choose one of these models based on your budget to boost your marketing activities. To reach the desired outcome, you must consult and work with an ad agency whose expertise is second to none in conducting digital marketing and ad campaigns.

How Does a Creative Ad Campaign Help Us?

One of the main features of ad campaigns is their capability to be used for every product and service, but the question is, “How can these campaigns contribute to our business?”.

Launching an advertising campaign is an effective way to stay in touch with our target customers to realize strategic brand objectives. These campaigns help you identify the best sales promotion strategies for your products and services. With the mentioned features in mind, you can devise your ad campaign so that you maintain or even augment the values, features, and benefits of your products and services.
Nowadays, many high-profile foreign brands employ marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness, convince their customers to purchase or increase the availability of their services and products. In the past years, several Iranian campaigns have made great success, and they are going to be introduced in this article.

Ad Campaign

How to Write a Successful Ad Campaign?

These days, a myriad of ad campaigns are easily accessible, and you can easily use the templates to write a campaign. However, it is crucial to modify the text based on the principles of devising an effective marketing campaign. 

  • Step 1: Analyzing the Situation Before the Campaign
    Getting a realistic grasp of the market before the campaign is of great importance. Undoubtedly, a campaign with incorrect analysis does not end in the desired outcome. 
  • Step 2: Identifying the Target Customer
    Identifying the target customer and his/her behavioral features and interests gives you great insights to communicate with your customers.
  • Step 3: Engineering an Electrifying Strategy
    The strategy is the heart of a marketing campaign; therefore, what comes first in concocting a strategy is evoking the audience’s emotions. Provoking emotions is the only way to convert a member of the audience to a customer.
  • Step 4: Selecting a Suitable and Effective Medium
    Media contribute to the retention of your brand in the customer’s mind. But how can you select your desirable medium? It depends on your insights into your customers.
  • Step 5: Budgeting
    Determining the marketing budget plays a key role in designing your strategies and media schemes. We cannot deny the effect, however low it is, of the free ads, but having a specific advertising budget and using a variety of ad cannels, including social media, OOH, and TV commercials can help you become catchy much faster.
  • Step 6: a Count-Down Scheme
    In order to run the campaign successfully, you are obliged to devise a count-down plan in advance to make sure each action is carried out at the right time. 
  • Step 7: Analyzing the Results
    t this stage, you must define the criteria for your campaign success. You should rigorously monitor your campaign results to get a better perception of your strengths and weaknesses. The criteria usually include customer recruitment or sales improvement, which can change based on your campaign targets. 


Advertising campaigns can have a substantial effect on consumers’ behavior. As formerly mentioned, you should consult an expert and experienced agency to reach your targets. Working with such agencies dramatically reduce your advertising costs and arrive at your desired destination much easier.